About GraphFree

Donovan Harshbarger,
GraphFree’s creator

B.A. in physics and mathematics
Taylor University, 1991

M.S. in secondary education
Indiana University, 1998

GraphFree is operated by InquiSoft, founded in 2009 by Donovan Harshbarger. Mr. Harshbarger has been teaching math and physics in a public high school since 1997. While teaching, he was frustrated to discover that it was virtually impossible to find a software program that would create many of the graphs he wanted to use on his tests and assignments. That led him to create InquiCalc, a desktop software program that could create graphs of piecewise defined functions, slope fields, and more—the very graphs that other programs usually couldn’t handle very well.

Now, as the software world is shifting more and more toward web applications as a substitute for desktop software, InquiSoft is adapting. GraphFree is the web adaptation of InquiCalc’s powerful graphing capabilities, made available for free on the web. We hope that this website will prove to be as useful for you as it has been for Mr. Harshbarger, who still uses GraphFree in his classroom teaching.

Contact Information

If you would like to send email to GraphFree, you may reach Mr. Harshbarger at:

To contact us by postal mail, send correspondence to:Donovan Harshbarger, d/b/a InquiSoft
6308 Pickwick Court
Zionsville, IN, 46077